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Tired of Inconsistent & unqualified Leads?

I've seen it with countless clients and in my own business as well...

I know what 'feast or famine' looks like -- I've had months where I was amazed with how much I was able to earn, and other months where I spent a lot of time wondering where my next invoice would come from (it's not fun).

The biggest and most common issue affecting high ticket Consultants, Coaches & Service Providers is related to the ability to generate leads and appointments with qualified buyers on a consistent basis.

I know that when leads are not flowing on the regular -- there are issues in other crucial areas (like revenue, profit, take-home pay) -- and it usually sets business owners up to make most of their far-reaching decisions upon scarcity.

And it's understandable. There is no manual for this. It's sink or swim out here.

Build systems that
sell 1:1 & Sell 1:Many

Does your consultancy or service-based business struggle with an inconsistent and unreliable trickle of leads?

Transform your business with customized, proven and repeatable systems that help you to consistently generate a flood of new Dream Clients ON DEMAND that are happy to work with you!

In Appointment Academy, you get access to a consultant that is 100% Dedicated To Your Success complete with a clear, results-driven, 9-step systems roadmap; 1-1 accountability; checklists; templates; weekly calls as well as full implementation support.


What you will accomplish in this program:

Get Clear with Strategy First.

Eliminate the confusion, wasted resources and spinning of wheels by establishing the ultimate clarity in your dream client, your killer offer, your product ladder and your signature message

Reduce & eliminate the risk involved with starting a new project, campaign, course, mastermind or coaching program by clearly identifying your exact strategy for success BEFORE the real work begins

Gain the ULTIMATE clarity into who it is you want to serve, what you will do for them and exactly how you will turn them into happy, satisfied clients

Follow and track exactly how your competitors are successfully connecting to your Dream Clients so you can model your business after them

Develop your expert positioning by building documents that will serve as the foundational copy that attracts your Dream Clients and that also filters out the clients that you don't want

Upgrade Your Revenue Systems.

Eliminate the frustration & overwhelm of trying to run a business off of inconsistent leads and referrals by establishing the foundational systems and funnels that help you to manually generate your own leads and sales

Build on your knowledge of the Dream Client to drive through the next phase: create valuable content for your Dream Client that positions you as an authority in the marketplace and that sets you up to generate daily leads and sales

Create lead magnets, along with masterful content and promotional videos that attract and fill your audience with hot leads who will buy on repeat, complete with calls to action that get Dream Clients to raise their hands and say, "work with me"

Add Dream Client prospects to your pipeline on a daily basis, but keep the interactions human and relatable, solve problems for them, add value in advance so when you ask if they would like to join your community, it's a no-brainer for them

Nurture and turn your hot leads into Dream Clients using customized scripts and sales call flows that get repeatable results -- that you can even teach your sales team or new sales team members down the road...

Leverage Systems for Scale.

Leverage your team and sales systems to take advantage of a clear growth runway to scale your lead volume with multiple traffic sources and/or sales funnels that emphasize your product ladder offerings

Leverage your team to take advantage of your lead generation & sales systems by automating parts of the process with online sales funnels and additional traffic sources.

Take your existing marketing, lead generation and sales systems and knowledge to leverage the power of digital automation to take your process from 1:1 sales to 1:many

Add additional traffic sources to create additional "swimlanes" for potential Dream Clients to find you and join your tribe

Identify opportunities to improve, optimize, clarify and scale your systems, teams and processes for the next stages of 100k+/yr and beyond!

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This is for you if:

You are ready to hit 10k and beyond months instead of constantly jumping onto the next "make money online" trend or opportunity.

You need a steady, predictable way to generate leads and turn them into high-ticket clients.

You know that getting to that next level success requires changing your environment to one that will surround you with daily support, accountability and solid, repeatable systems.

You are ready to step into your full potential and stand out from all the marketing "noise" out there with a long-term, sustainable business.

How it works:

13 WEEKLY COACHING CALLS w/ PERSONALIZED HOT SEATS with Diego to work on your offer, marketing, sales, and business growth ($5,997 VALUE)

13 WEEKLY LIVE TRAININGS AND Q&A with Diego to learn what's working now in the ever evolving online landscape ($2,997 VALUE)

13 WEEKLY IMPLEMENTATION LABS for weekly check-ins and monthly calls so you always stay on track to hitting your goals ($2,997 VALUE)

PRIVATE CLIENT ONLY GROUP for networking, masterminding, asking questions, and sharing wins. The group is staffed by Diego & his team 5 days a week so your questions always get answered ($1,997 VALUE)

LIBRARY OF STEP-BY-STEP TRAININGS always being updated with fresh new material and strategies ($2,997 VALUE)

RESOURCES AND TEMPLATES to fast track your results, including importing our actual funnels and copy ($2,997 VALUE)

Total 13-Week program value = $19,982 !!

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But Wait .... Limited Time Beta Admission bonuses

Three 1-1 Monthly Coaching Calls with Diego - Get customized help sessions to plan and create your lead generation and sales strategies, landing page, and for preparing marketing material such as emails, sales scripts and social posts. ($2,997 Value)

Private Client Group Chat with other like-minded entrepreneurs and salespeople. Instantly connect with a vibrant community of your peers, get feedback and assistance from others going through the program alongside you. ($2,997 Value)

Diego's 'Enlightened Entrepreneurship Vision' Training - Learn some of the ideas and principles of a successful, ethical business that inspires yourself and others to align with you during these modern times.   ($2,997 Value)


Become 1 of 3 Founding Members & Receive These Limited-Time Bonuses:

Quickstart: Dream 100 DFY by Diego - get a bead on your competition for faster results! Get your Dream 100 list started with the first 10 entries done for you by Diego himself.  ($1,997 Value)

Quickstart: Dream Client Avatar DFY by Diego - gain clarity on how to best serve your Dream Client for faster results! Diego will create an Avatar based on your collected data that represents your Dream Client.($2,997 Value)

Limited Lifetime Access to Updates of the Course - as this program grows, receives feedback, gets new content added and improves over time, you can get limited lifetime access to the most economically relevant content, so you can continue to stay up-to-date on the latest high impact strategies for your daily leads and sales as you scale! ($5,997 Value)

Total Exclusive Bonus value = $11,985 !!

To Summarize:

Total 13-Week program value = $19,982

Total BONUS value = $11,985

Total value = $31,967

Join Today For Only = $1500 !!

(OR 2 payments of $775)

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