Our Discovery Process

Below is a breakdown of the upcoming discovery process that we use to streamline our client’s projects. We have found that when we use this framework, we take less time, we have less changes to the project as we work on it, and most importantly — our clients consistently get the results that they want — or even better.

Each discovery meeting is a different topic and we ask that you come prepared: please bring copies of any documents that we will need to review, and be prepared for some questions.

If you have any questions about this process, please send an email to: diego@siamtek.com

  • Discovery #1: Your Business

    In this meeting, we will “download” as much information as possible about your project and the business behind it, including important things like your goals, your timeline, your project assets, your sales process/how you will make money with it. If you have any marketing materials, outlines, business plans, or other assets, please bring a copy with you to this meeting for review.

  • Discovery #2: Your Customers

    In this discovery meeting, we’ll find out everything that we need to know about your customers. This helps us to understand foundational information regarding how things should be designed, developed, branded and promoted. We’ll talk about your current customer segmentation and customer avatars, including any important information that you know about them, including their pain points, their goals, their demographics, their favorite places to hang out, etc. We’ll also chat about potential customers to target.

  • Discovery #3: Your Competition & Market

    In this discovery meeting, we will find out more about your competition and your market. We’ll identify the market, the size, the target scope, industry associations or groups, industry publications, big opportunities, etc. We’ll also learn about who you are competing with, including: who they are, what they do better than you, what you do better than them, what types of relationships you have with them, biggest opportunities to beat them.

  • Discovery #4: Your Strategies and Tactics

    In this session, we will learn about and identify your current strategies and tactics. We’ll do an informal SWOT analysis, talk about your current growth strategy, and talk about potential strategy options, including: traffic + conversion, email automation — sales and nurturing, blogging and newsletter, social media, white papers, webinars, seminars.

  • Discovery #5: Solution Roadmap

    Here, after we process the information that we gathered in the first few discovery sessions, we will review the information with you to verify it’s accuracy, talk about the strengths and problems that we identified, and then present our recommended solution roadmap to you.