July 15, 2013

Announcement: Siam LLC Is Now Siam Tek!

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Siam LLC is now Siam Tek!

After roughly one year of doing business under the name Siam LLC, we have some great news to share: We have successfully changed the name of our company to Siam Tek. This change directly affects our documentation, our business registry name, our logo, and our domain name.

If you are not familiar, Siam (s-ahy-am) is the former name of modern-day Thailand, a country located in Southeast Asia, home of great food, and (in my own case) great family.

So why did we choose Siam Tek as the brand name? Well, as much as we love Siam LLC, we realize that many people may have trouble remembering the “LLC” as a word (because it is an acronym for the business structure we chose), and would not otherwise easily return to our website in the future. To resolve this, we chose a name that is easily and readily recognizable, and that describes the services that we perform for our valued clients.

We believe that this change will greatly improve the services we provide to our clients, and that it may also make it easier for potential clients to find us and use our services.


If you haven’t yet, please update your bookmark for Siam Tek on your browser from to Our old URL — — will still propagate to for the time being.

Or, if you haven’t bookmarked us yet, follow the instructions below:

To bookmark this page, press the Ctrl (PCs) or Command (Macs) and “D” keys on your keyboard.

Have a good day!

Siam Tek Brand Update!

As of May, 2016, Siam Tek has rebranded once again — to better showcase our core competencies to people that meet us for the first time. We have updated our logo to look more modern, local, and to emphasize the results that we provide our clients. Take a look at the brand new logo here:

Siam Tek Brand Update Logo Stacked

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