How To Create Special Facebook Links

How To Create Special Cross-Platform Facebook Links That Reduce Friction For Your Followers

Have you ever shared a Facebook link to your followers, only to find out that some people couldn’t open it? Me too.

In the past I’ve shared links to Facebook posts, live videos, events, etc, and each time, there are issues with getting people to open it up and check it out, usually because they may be opening the link on a different platform than me (ie. iOS or Android apps, or desktop computer).

They would click the Facebook live link on their phone and end up opening it up in the browser on their phone instead of the app. So frustrating.

So recently I was watching a Live video from Maxwell Finn, and I noticed that he solved this issue by using this FREE online app that automatically detects the platform and then redirects people to the proper URL that will open up the proper platform (like iOS app, Android app, Firefox browser).

I checked it out myself, and it works like a charm!

Here is the link to the tool:

Is this helpful for your business? Let me know.