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Join the small but growing community of Coaches, Agencies, and Consultants that are focused on doing one thing: consistently booking more calls with their Dream Clients so they can scale! (Be sure to answer the 3 entry questions for faster entry)
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Get Familiar with the Roadmap

Review the Systems Roadmap to the right that we use to get client results that last far beyond our working relationship
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Understand The Systems Roadmap

Watch this video recorded around the time I first created the system (REMINDER: must be a member of the FB group to watch), and get to know the elements of the roadmap, including the logic and the strategy behind it
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FAQs For Your Scheduled Strategy Session

  • Make sure you show up. You picked the time, respect goes both ways.
  • If you are having trouble getting prospects to show up to your sales calls, try showing up to your calls. Cause and effect laws govern all.
  • Bring anyone involved in decision-making to the call. Our goal is to efficiently evaluate a mutual fit for both parties. We don’t want to do 10 calls.
  • Come with an investor mindset. We all need tools, strategies, and vendors to grow and they cost money. If you are a DIY person this isn’t for you.
  • Reply to the email and/or text that you will be attending so we have you confirmed.
  • Make sure you are in a quiet place and near a computer if we need to screen share.
  • Bring the relevant details about your business so we can explore how this can best fit together.

Who this is for:

  • Agencies.
  • Coaches.
  • Consultants.
  • People who sell high ticket services and products.

Who this is not for:

  • Info-gathering non-action takers.
  • People who have no marketing system/way to get clients currently.
  • Price shoppers -- we have a guarantee and sell on value/results, not the lowest price.
  • Do it yourself, obsessed people. You can't scale if you do everything.
  • Window lickers trying to figure out our secret recipe. We do everything white hat and no we won't tell you everything you need to do it yourself.

What Is It?

A high-impact group program that helps coaches, agencies and consultants to build repeatable systems that allow for them to attract and close more dream clients so they can scale past 100k/yr

  • gain clarity on your strategy -- where you can find your dream clients online, learn how to create your killer offers, generate and nurture leads into prospects that book calls, close prospects on the phone, automate portions of the process with online funnels and traffic (along with much more)
  • Includes 13 weeks of hands-on support from me and my team
  • Includes video courses, resources, cheat sheets, guides and a supportive community of people that are on the same journey
  • May also include additional information about our Done For You services as well, if you requested it.

Reasons to Join:

Build SYSTEMS, not campaigns -- build revenue-building assets that last and bring in return far beyond our initial engagements

  • create customized Standard Operating Procedures that allow for you to hire and train new employees while reducing waste
  • ensure consistency when fulfilling/delivering with these systems in a potentially fast-paced environment
  • establish your expertise and stable footing in the online marketplace
  • real, hands-on support from a team of professionals that actually care about the results you receive from our products and services. 
  • increase the number of Dream Clients in your client pool -- those clients that make your job easier so you want to wake up and go to work in the morning
  • gain a CLEAR customized gameplan on how you can build the systems you need to earn the revenue to scale past 100k/yr​

Call Agenda:

During this call we will be:​

  • Going over your current way of getting clients.
  • Understanding the current sales process being used.
  • Covering plans for this to fit into service offerings going forward.
  • (Be prepared to act if everything makes sense)

About Diego Lucero

Diego (35 years old) is an entrepreneur and polymath who started his first business in college, a blogger who has been writing for over 9 years, an online marketing consultant with over 7 years experience.

He has worked with clients around the United States -- ranging from startups to medium-sized businesses with multi-faceted marketing approaches.

Diego's overarching vision for Siam Tek is to enable entrepreneurs and business owners to grow their businesses and to grow their influence in the world around them.